Puppies Expected– accepting Applications

All of our puppies are raised on “PUPPY CULTURE” – click to learn more.

You are welcome to fill out the puppy application and request to be on our waiting list. Please keep in mind that all puppies will be placed in the appropriate home for THEM. Their personalities need to be taken into account, and consideration will be used when matching up new puppies with their new families. eg:- If you ask for a calm snuggler, I will NOT send you a puppy that has extra energy. This means that there is a potential you may have to wait until another litter. Sometimes puppies may be held back from litter to see future potential as a show puppy. If this occurs, we would know more at 4-6 months of age. If a few are kept back, you may be offered one of these puppies. This can be viewed as a bonus as your puppy, if not kept by Clarriott Whippets, was considered as a show pup, will have more travel experience, will be crate trained, leash trained, and more than likely (depending on age) potty trained.

Being on the wait list, does not guarantee you a puppy from this litter or the next. Puppies will be placed in priority of the appropriate home first. You will be advised if/when you have a puppy available to you when I know a few things eg. how many are in the litter, what sex is available, and while color is immaterial, I will try and place preference of color also. Once notified of availability for YOU, you will need to submit a deposit, the time frame will be mentioned in the contact as will the deposit amount. Please DO NOT send deposits unless you have been contacted by Clarriott Whippets and notified. Deposits are non-refundable, but can be applied to a future litter if something comes up that you can’t take the puppy.

All contracts will include information that states that for ANY reason, if you cannot keep your whippet, that it must be returned to Clarriott Whippets for placement. If you have someone in mind we will need them to fill out the application, just as you did to ensure that our whippets are always placed in the best home possible if they do not stay with us.

ALL puppies will be sold with a contract that includes limited registration and a spay/neuter agreement!!! UNLESS other arrangements have been made and approved ahead of time. All contracts will include specifics on our health guarantee. On rare occasions Clarriott Whippets may ask you to keep your puppy in tact. You will now this ahead of deciding to purchase.

You can expect to receive a puppy packet from us when you pick up your puppy.

Puppy Pack includes:-

Registration papers (when available from AKC)

1 small martingale collar/leash

1 small receiving blanket ( material that will have been with mom, so your puppy can take her smell with them)

Small bag of food – should last 2-3 days

Copy of your signed contract

My contact information :- facebook, cell phone, email, etc…

1- 1/2 inch binder to store your papers (full of helpful information)

Puppy vet visit records and shot schedule for your veterinarian

Lots of information of health and safety of your whippet

Things to bring with you when picking up your puppy:-

Crate for travel

Paper towels for accidents

bowl for food/water if traveling long distance

towels for crate in case puppy messes

***I work very hard to ensure that the puppies are placed with the appropriate owners. You will know which puppy is yours prior to coming to pick up your puppy. Due to this, your puppy may already recognize his/her call name that you pick- so if you are notified that there is a puppy available for you, please start thinking of a name for them***

Lucy Litter 2021 – All have homes

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