What do you charge for your puppies?

Non-Breeding Agreement Puppies (limited Registration)

Clarriott puppies are $2400.00-$3000 and our puppies are sold on a non breeding agreement (limited registration) with the American Kennel Club registration,  a required contract, enrollment of a pre-paid subscription of AKC’s ReUnite  (microchip), a puppy starter kit  (the starter kit includes a free sample bag of food, toy, collar, blankie) , and lifetime of breeder support. 

Guardian Homes

From time to time we have an adult breeding female or stud dog that we want to keep in our breeding program, but would be willing to place in the right home under the right circumstances. If you are interested in an adult this may be a possibility for you! Some terms of the agreement would be that I “borrow” the dog for shows, or for breeding (coming to my home for a week or so to cover a breeding), discussions on diet, etc. Please contact to discuss further. Fill out the application form (link above) and indicate in your application that you’re interested in being a guardian home! 

Show Dogs

Sometimes in litters we get multiple show prospects, and would consider taking on a co-owner. Each co-ownership situation is unique but generally our co-owned dogs are registered as full registration on non-breeding agreements until I determine if the dog is of standard with at least an AKC CH title, meaning this dog could be bred and we are good to move forward with breeding at which time will waive the non-breeding agreement and change to co-owner agreement until I sign off on your dog. This is a fantastic opportunity to dip your foot into the world of showing dogs and potentially get into breeding with direction and guidance.

Retired Adults

On rare occasion we may have retired adult dogs, that we will consider placing in the perfect home. All of our dogs are family, so this is a very hard process and due diligence will be done to ensure the future happiness of you, but more-so my dog. This may include multiple visits to your home with the dog, meet-and-greets in a park, introductions to other members of your family, including those with 4 legs, etc. Only serious inquiries apply. State in inquiry that you are looking for a retired dog and why you feel that you are the best home for my family dog.

With ALL of the above, please fill out the puppy application and state which you are looking for.

What health testing do you do?

Our Whippets have current OFA NORMAL advanced cardiac screens(echocardiograms), OFA NORMAL CERF eye exams, and OFA NORMAL BAER exams (hearings).  

Where do your dogs live?

Our dogs are our pets and live in the house, sleep on our beds and couches, and go on some vacations with us. When puppies are born Mom has her own bedroom so there is no stress for her and we are able to control the heat for the puppies as well. Outside of our home our dogs stay in hotels and campers at dog shows.

What food do you feed?

We our feed our puppies PScience Diet Puppy or Diamond All Life Stages.  Our adult dogs are fed the Diamond.  

How long is your waiting list?

Our waiting list is like every breeder…extremely long.  Our waiting list is NOT a first come first serve so the length of the list really doesn’t apply. Also Hold-fees speak volumes over people “waiting to see”


We will review applications after the puppies are born and healthy.  If your application is accepted we will notify you.  We request a $500.00 deposit, with a signed contract to put you on the waitlist for a puppy from that litter. Once the puppies are evaluated for temperament and appropriate placement, we will contact you with information on the closest puppy that will fit your requirements. Please keep in mind that if you want a specific sex or color, it may not be available with the current litter. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. The goal is to match you with a puppy from the current litter, however, if that is not possible, you will be the first pick on the following litter. If the following litter also doesn’t meet your needs, you have the option of waiting until the third litter (this has never happened), or elect to have 50%  refunded ($500.00). With any litter the balance is due in advance of or at pickup.

When can I come for a visit?

When you come to pick up your puppy will be delighted to introduce you to any of our dogs including the Dam (Mother) and Sire (Dad), if dad belongs to me.  We do not do visits while we have puppies that have not been vaccinated or during high Covid 19 outbreaks. This is for the safety of the puppies, it’s my top priority.

Visits can normally be scheduled at 6 weeks old (STRICT guidelines are in place that you will need to follow: – must NOT visit a farm, zoo, dog park, veterinarians’ office or animal shelter day of visit, must leave shoes outside of front door, no heavy perfumes, and wash hands prior to holding, to name most). Puppy vaccines are not effective at this age.

Do you remove dew claws?

Yes, Usually. This depends on the health of the new born puppies, if I have assistance to complete this. As a result some litters will have dew claws and others will not. If this is of importance to you, please inquire if the litter you are interested in has them or not.

When do the puppies leave for their new home?

Our puppies stay here until they are at least 8-9 weeks old.  They will have their first set of vaccinations and a health clearance from our veterinarian. Some puppies may need to stay longer, but only of we are keeping an eye on something.

Are you a member of the American Kennel Club?

Yes.  I am in good standing with the American Kennel Club and am listed as “breeder with heart”

Is our pup going to be registered as a purebred dog in the USA?

Yes your pup will be registered with the American Kennel Club

What do we need for the puppy to come home?

You will need a martingale Collar, food, 2 bowls, a blanket, a crate or kennel box, and some toys. On the Puppy Must Haves….we repeat this list and also offer some packages that have been thoughtfully put together to make your entire trip a one-stop easy option. 

Our application form is open!