Your puppy will need items once you get him home. The following is a List of items that are recommended. Under the list are bundles that are available to purchase, that you can take with you when you pick up your puppy.

Crate or Kennel Box: these are NOT mean items. Your puppy will use this item well into adulthood. A crate is a safe place for your puppy, not only keeping them out of harms way from things left out while you are not home, but is also considered a “safe” place to your puppy when they are feeling overwhelmed.

Kennel Pad: To place inside the crate or kennel box, no one likes hard plastic to lay on.

Bowls: Your puppy will need a food bowl and a water bowl.

Food: I will provide a small bag to get you by, but you will need another one in a few days…if you would like to plan ahead, the puppies are fed Purina Pro Plan Sport.

Martingale leash: You can look at my collars pages under puppy to the idea. I do not recommend harnesses or regular collars. Your puppy and adult can get out of these, leaving the dog free where ever you are walking it.

Blanket: Whippets love to snuggle, and “get under” blankets. The fuzzier the better.

Toys: Your puppy would love some toys to play with either alone or with you.

When you pick up your puppy I highly recommend bringing paper towels and a blanket…BUT INSIST on a travel crate. Dogs when traveling must be crated. Maybe even a water/food bowl if you are traveling a long way, and of course your collar/leash.



****PUPPY BUNDLES MUST BE ORDERED AND PAID FOR BEFORE THE PUPPY IS 6 WEEKS OLD**** if you want basic crate or leash training.

Package 1 – Crate (36 inch) and Pad — $125.00 (basic crate training included)*

Package 2 – Crate (36 inch), Pad and Blanket — $165.00 (basic crate training included)*

Package 3 – Crate (36 inch), Pad, Blanket, Puppy Collar/leash combo, 37.5 lbs of dog food, and 2 dishes  — $250.00  (includes basic crate training and basic leash walking).*

Package 4 – Crate (36inch), Pad and Food — $175.00 (includes basic crate training).*

Package 5 – Food, 2 Dishes, leash/collar combo — $100 (includes basic leash walking).*

*Crate is a double door 23×36 inch. (wire crate)Precision Pet Products Two Door Provalue Wire Dog Crate, 24 Inch, For Pets 15-30 lbs

*Feeding dishes are silver metal.